Thursday, April 9, 2015

Isla And The Happily Ever After *BOOK REVIEW*

Incredible ending to a great trilogy! Isla is an amazing character who just reminded me of myself in some ways. She's like any other girl who tends to fear rejection and doesn't want to take risks because of it. So when she ends up falling in love with Josh who has proved to be quite the troublemaker. You know Josh from the first book Anna and the French Kiss so you kind of already know how he is. The dynamic between the two is amazing. They are an amazing couple throughout the book. The book really covers topics that couples at some point or another will have to face. Like when it came to Josh's ex-girlfriend Rashmi, like probably any girl, Isla was a little jealous and unfortunately she made some mistakes with that information through the book and it cost her.  But as you can probably see from the name of the book, Isla and the Happily Ever After there will be a happy ending and I promise you it's an amazing one! This book was quite the twist. It seemed like everything was going alright between the two characters and suddenly it was not and then it was again and then it was not, and there is so much apprehension between them at first it was so cute! Josh completely undergoes metamorphosis from the first book to the last and you can only love him more. His character really grows and you get to know him better for who he is. Isla as well undergoes some transformations. From meeting her in book one and just getting a few glimpses you get to see her story now and she gets to become real to you. Even in the book she ends up growing. She becomes more courageous and brave and she has to face some of her fears of rejection and it is just over all an amazing story of two teenagers growing and growing together. To finish this book you are taken around old locations and even some new ones and Stephanie just manages to tie up all loose ends and basically tie the entire story into a cute little bow! The dialogue is for real and so are the scenes. You can really imagine being right beside them exploring Spain or going to SOAP in France, eating at Kismet in NY, everything is just so imaginable! It's is also a nice surprise to get to see Anna, Etienne, Lola, Cricket, and Meredith again! Oh and by the way there is a huge freaking surprise with Anna and Etienne in this last book! So get ready to grab your tissue box and cuddle up with the book and cry your eyes out because this is without a doubt an amazing HAPPILY EVER AFTER! 

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