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New Instagram Giveaway

So I am trying something new... MY FIRST INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY!!! I'm excited, anyway here are the rules. 

First off, the Giveaway is for only those in the US. 

If you have an Instagram account you must: log on, follow @thefeelssociety and repost my Giveaway post. The link is here:

In the description of that post use the Hashtag (#) and write EpicYallGiveaway behind it so it will look like this: (#EpicYallGiveaway) and also tag me in it so along with the hashtag write @thefeelssociety. That way I can get your entry! 

Rules are the winner will be picked and giveaway closed 1/1/15. I will notify winner via Direct Message on Instagram. They must be willing to give some form of address for me to send the prize to. If they are picked but refuse to disclose they're address an alternate winner will be chosen. The winner will have 3 days since the time I DM'd them to respond. If this time passes without a response the prize will go to an alternate winner. 

Prizes include: 

*1 Book Shimmy/Epic Reads Tote Bag
*1 SIGNED Hardcover of We Were Liars by E Lockhart
*Yallfest Swag
* We Were Liars Bookmark
*Sarah Dessen 'Saint Anything' Postcard
*Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang Excerpt

Friday, December 19, 2014

Scorch Trials Set Photos

I've been horrible about this but I need to catch up with all the news on The Scorch Trials Movie. So if you haven't seen some of the set photos yet, here they are! I hope you enjoy them!


Now there are some set photos also on Instagram, here they are:


A photo posted by The Feels Society (@thefeelssociety) on

A photo posted by The Feels Society (@thefeelssociety) on

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Friday, December 12, 2014

New Insurgent Movie Trailer

We finally get our first look at the NEW Insurgent Movie Trailer and Poster! What do you think?

Here is the Trailer:

Here is the Poster:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

*BOOK REVIEW* Unhinged by A.G. Howard

{Unhinged by A.G. Howard}
{Pages: 387}
{Published on January 7th, by Amulet Books}
Alyssa Gardner has been down the rabbit hole and faced the bandersnatch. She saved the life of Jeb, the guy she loves, and escaped the machinations of the disturbingly seductive Morpheus and the vindictive Queen Red. Now all she has to do is graduate high school and make it through prom so she can attend the prestigious art school in London she's always dreamed of.

That would be easier without her mother, freshly released from an asylum, acting overly protective and suspicious. And it would be much simpler if the mysterious Morpheus didn’t show up for school one day to tempt her with another dangerous quest in the dark, challenging Wonderland—where she (partly) belongs.

As prom and graduation creep closer, Alyssa juggles Morpheus’s unsettling presence in her real world with trying to tell Jeb the truth about a past he’s forgotten. Glimpses of Wonderland start to bleed through her art and into her world in very disturbing ways, and Morpheus warns that Queen Red won’t be far behind.

If Alyssa stays in the human realm, she could endanger Jeb, her parents, and everyone she loves. But if she steps through the rabbit hole again, she'll face a deadly battle that could cost more than just her head.

Unhinged is beautifully written and fantastically woven.


Description is seriously needed in all books, but in a fantasy book like this it is needed more than ever.  Not only is it required to make a book, but description tends to vary. For a book like this, to do it justice, it needs some top notch description.

What I found was an abundance of description!


Through description we learn about the characters. It's showed through how the author describes them when they're angry– when they're sad. You see how they act and how they look. So description is needed even in the review of characters. In Unhinged you can indulge in the characters and their personalities. You read this and you just want to be in everyone's heads. Unhinged really cracks open each returning character – revealing all the dark depths to everything they do. You think you may have figured the characters out and Splinteredbut there's more. So much more.

Alyssa's world is basically coming down around her and she has to make hard decisions that will test her bonds with the people she loves... And those she thinks she doesn't. 😉 

Unhinged definitely gets an A+ for self-discovery, whether it's in a fantasy novel or contemporary book. 


I mentioned in the last review that some of the scenes lacked in how far they expanded to, but the sequel has been fully redeemed itself. There are many different scenes that took you all over Wonderland and around up top as well. 

Unhinged is quite an engaging riddle. It's utterly revealing. It's enthralling and without a doubt, Unhinged is just a touch mad! 

I give Unhinged by A.G. Howard 5 out of 5 stars


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

*BOOK REVIEW* Splintered by A.G. Howard

{Splintered by A.G. Howard}
{Pages: 371}
{Published: January 1, 2013 by Amulet Books}
When her mother’s mental health takes a turn for the worse, Alyssa learns that what she thought was fiction is based in terrifying reality. The real Wonderland is a place far darker and more twisted than Lewis Carroll ever let on. There, Alyssa must pass a series of tests, including draining an ocean of Alice’s tears, waking the slumbering tea party, and subduing a vicious bandersnatch, to fix Alice’s mistakes and save her family. She must also decide whom to trust: Jeb, her gorgeous best friend and secret crush, or the sexy but suspicious Morpheus, her guide through Wonderland, who may have dark motives of his own.

Splintered is a serious test of your ability to imagine. Not only is it fun to be able to stretch reality to whatever you want, but it also gives us a chance to try out something a little different.


Okay so this is a retelling – kind of– of Alice in Wonderland...dialogue is going to be wacky and loopy and out of control. What I liked though was that in the human world the dialogue is kept normal but easily shifted into a screwy language. I appreciate that the author did not lose control of the transition by starting the crazy talk to early or continuing it when they get back to the real world. I did find some of Morpheaus's words overly poetic and Jeb's sayings a little cheesy but maybe that's how they were supposed to appear. My favorite comment though had to be "Son of a Bug". It gave me a good laugh.


I hate saying this but this book somewhat lacked in this category which should not have happened. Though this lacked it can be easily overlooked because of the rest of the book. The reason I think this area could have had more oomph is because most of the scenes in Wonderland take place inside. There are a few scenes that were set outside but even then I didn't get a real feel of the rest of Wonderland except when I imagine the scenery and surroundings on my own. Having to do that meant starting from scratch in my head. Though there was some fine descriptions I personally feel that it could have used a little more embellishing on the author's part. So it is now up to you readers to create your own Wonderland.

A.G. Howard has given you a great template, now all you have to do is use. The settings that were present though we're perfect! The Wonderland vibe is there, from Morpheaus's room to his dining room to the Twid's graveyard.


Alrighty well, we can begin with they were great! All of them. Morpheaus confused me quite a bit which was in the long run alright, as he was a wonderland character.

Alyssa is less severe than I hoped she'd be. I imagined she'd be a serious tough cookie. She crumpled a lot when it came to Morpheus and Jeb though. Just being the first book I'm holding out hope that she'll turn into a more hard-core, steam punk, kick butt character in book too.

Now for Jeb. He's super sweet character. He's overly protective because he loves Alyssa (Read the book at it becomes seriously clearly very quickly). Though his appearance scream something seriously different he's just a big puppy dog. I love when he threatens Morpheus though it's hilarious. 

Just because I feel I have to mention it though I am unsure of what is to come in book 2 – the whole red court was nothing like we know the red court to be. It wasn't crazy and mad. Though when we get a slight (yet obscure) glance at Queen Red it was to the tee the perfect example of the Red Queen. I just wish the whole court had managed to hold up that same personality.

Beyond the point I brought out Splintered gets a out of stars for a great retelling of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cover Reveal for The Favorite by Kiera Cass

Kiera Cass has continued her list of novellas with The Favorite, coming out March 3rd, 2015! And for those who don't know what this new novella is all about, it's about America's best friend Marlee!

While we have to wait in agony until The Favorite releases next year here is the lovely cover work for Kiera Cass' new novella.

While America Singer’s heart was torn between Aspen and Prince Maxon, her friend Marlee knew exactly what she wanted—and paid the price.
Revisit the captivating world of Kiera Cass’s #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series in this digital original novella. Told from Marlee’s point of view, this all-new 64-page story returns to the fateful Halloween when Marlee and Carter were discovered, and reveals how that night—and Prince Maxon—changed their lives forever.
The Favorite also features a teaser to The Heir, the fourth novel in the Selection series!

Monday, December 1, 2014

*BOOK REVIEW* A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall (ARC Edition)

So because this is just an ARC and I do not have the completed and fully edited edition of A Little Something Different, this will be a little something different. LOL! It will be just a little mushed up.
So please just remember that my review is for the ARC of A Little Something Different not to finished product. Any part of the story could have been removed or edited for the finished product so thank you for understanding that this is not a review of what you may find in the book store. This is also a review that I have tried to keep spoilers out of.

{A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall}
{Publishing Date: August 26th, 2014}
{Publisher: Swoon Reads}
{268 Pages> Paperback}
The creative writing teacher, the delivery guy, the local Starbucks baristas, his best friend, her roommate, and the squirrel in the park all have one thing in common—they believe that Gabe and Lea should get together.

Lea and Gabe are in the same creative writing class. They get the same pop culture references, order the same Chinese food, and hang out in the same places. Unfortunately, Lea is reserved, Gabe has issues, and despite their initial mutual crush, it looks like they are never going to work things out.

I think I'd have appreciated this book more if it had been from Lea's or Gabe's point of view. Then again the story is about others believing in Gabe and Lea's relationship. But still, I think it would have been nice to hear from Lea and Gabe's pov as well as the others. The story though otherwise seems to be quite original. It's nothing like I've read before. Alright so I know I shouldn't judge a book by its first chapter, or first point of view in this case, but, oh my gosh this was so difficult!

Unfortunately to me the dialogue was quite childish and the description of things could've been so much better. I dislike being very critical about books without finding a few good things about it but by the end of the first person's view point I was tired.

All you really find out from Maribel's POV is that Gabe is cute and awkward because he tried four different ways to pick up his books. Also at the end of that first view point it seemed hurried, like "Are you okay? Yeah, you sure? Well bye Mar." It could have used some slowing down. I like Inga's POV much better because some of the things she says are quite funny and a snorting and smirking kind of way. Also... What the heck is with the in adamant object having voices? 
No... Just no.

Also, squirrels – squirrels don't talk and I'm pretty sure squirrels don't give a crap whether or not Gabe and Lea get together. NEITHER DOES THE BENCH! 

The bench was talking about butts... Oh my Gosh. I'm sorry but, really? Why did she have to make the bench talk? I'm all for creative writing, just not when it includes benches having thoughts and it's own personal feelings about which butts are best. 

Now, I know the characters are college age, but their dialogue and thought patterns scream childish. It really doesn't even make sense. Gabe sounds like a 16-year-old boy with girl problems. The only thing I can say that is good about this book was the fact that by the end it got better. It flowed well and I couldn't get the stupid smile I get off my face. Also, the fact that this book really is different. I have never read anything like it and I do appreciate that in an author. Sandy Hall is a good writer, but with all new authors they always need practice and I think as a debut book, A Little Something Different is cute and cheesy. As an award winning book I have no clue...but it's a good start.

A Little Something Different gets 3 Stars out of 5.