Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Delirium" Pilot News

So via Harper Teen I saw a little news flash that surprised me greatly. Last year there were rumors about a "Delirium" movie, which turned out to be false. Then there was the news that Delirium would not be a movie, but a TV series. Well that fell through the floor too, but literally 10 seconds ago i found this! 


Exciting News!
20th Century Fox Television has ordered a TV pilot of DELIRIUM, based on the bestselling series by Lauren Oliver! The pilot will be penned by Karyn Usher (Bones, Prison Break) and executive produced by the Mazur Kaplan company and Chernin Entertainment. Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope are also serving as executive producers.

Fox seems to be planning on rebirthing Delirium into a TV Pilot. We'll see if any of this becomes more firm in the future, but until now I am okay with the rumors. Though Lauren Oliver's new book "Panic" (Go see the book reviews for Delirium in past posts) has already 
been swept up for a movie deal. Well, all I can say is, I really hope these rumors prove to be true! 


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