Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Wattpad Authors Spotlight (Entry 1)

Hey Everyone! We know that everyone enjoys I good story; hardbound, Reviewed by some of your other favorite authors…well I got to thinking, what about those authors who aren't published? What about those girls and boys just like any other teenager who has a passion for writing? Well we have decided to give them the spotlight every so often with blog posts called "The Wattpad Authors Spotlight". 
Today we will shine the spot light on an amazing author from (A writing website for anyone with the love to read or write)! 

Maz has written a beautiful, original piece of work about Adventure and Love. This story is one for All Teens! 
"Do you Trust Me" is a definitely up-and-coming novel with a little over 800 reads. Now, reads and fans are HUGE to the Wattpad Community, So please Show your support and check out Maz's Novel, give her a fan and maybe along the way find some other hidden gems written by people JUST LIKE YOU! 

Do you trust me?

Have you ever wished upon a falling star? Just close your eyes and wish for something you truly want? Hope with all ur heart that it will come true... Zoe Miller is 16 year old girl that one night makes a wish to live an adventure. For her life to become more adventurous and fun. She lives a simple life with her family and friends but she wants more. What will happen when a boy suddenly walks in her life, changing everything? She starts a new adventure with her friends hoping that it will be as fun as she wished for. Friendships will be tested and decisions will have to be made. A story for all teens... <3


Check out the rest of the story here:

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