Saturday, July 5, 2014

Build-Your-Prize GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway time! This is my second giveaway and have decided to try something a little different. This time around I am giving you the option to build your own prize! The prize will consist of 3 items that you get to choose from a whole bunch of items. I have lots of ways to get extra points, like following my account on Instagram (@thefeelssociety) and on Twitter (@feels_socitety), you can also sign up for emails and refer a friend to the blog! There's lots of ways to have a chance to win! So, now for the prizes.

Prize List:
1 Hunger Games Peeta Poster from The Collectors Edition US Magazine
1 Hunger Games Gale Poster from The Collectors Edition US Magazine
1 District 8 Mini-figure
1 Strip of Divergent Faction Stickers
1 Copy of Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
1 Peace Love Books Apron
1 Lissa Price Enders Button
1 (SIGNED) Enders/Starters Book Plate by Lissa Price Bookmark
1 (SIGNED) Starters by Lissa Price
1 Price of Dawn John Green Inspired Postcard
1 The One Key Chain
1 Issue of the Entertainment Weekly Hunger Games Magazine

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