Thursday, January 22, 2015

*BOOK REVIEW* Ensnared by A.G. Howard

Ensnared is the finest conclusion to a series I have seen yet! The characters are buzzing and the scenes have fully bloomed! 

This ending was spectacular! Matching the same path as Splintered and Unhinged set for it. 

Ensnared is achingly beautiful and a magical experience that I will reread over and over again. 

Fantasy books are naturally supposed to be filled with amazing description, and this book is filled to the rim with it! A.G. Howard is a spectacular writer and I hope one day to be able to meet her and thank her for writing this utterly maddening trilogy!  The characters through out the trilogy just grow into such strong human beings (well some lol). You see shifts in their personalities, some for the better and some that have been a long time coming. You see unexpected alliances and friendships, and an ending that couldn't be better! Without spoiling anything I must say that when it comes to the love triangle between Jeb, Morpheaus and Alyssa, whatever side your on (Team Jeb or Team Morpheaus and whatnot) you will absolutely not be disappointed. A.G. Howard has basically made it her goal to appease everyone and this ending was definitely one of the best endings I've read in a while. I can't exactly say that it was a huge surprise to me since I broke my own rule. I flipped through the book to see how many chapters there were and I stupidly read the first sentence in the Epilogue... DONT DO IT! YOU WILL SERIOUSLY REGRET IT! I was more than halfway done with the book when I did it and I somewhat knew what was going on between the characters, but just trust me, don't spoil it for yourself. This surprise is worth waiting for! 

You thought there was action in the last two books, Ensnared triples it! Alyssa has blossomed into a new Queen, a Red Queen to be exact and has a goal driving her to become more than she ever expected. To do what she traveled to the AnywhereElsewhere to do meant that she'd have to embrace the side of her she's been keeping dormant. It means risking her life for the ones she loves and making sacrifices only a Queen can make. It means finding the beautiful in the most maddening events. It meant embracing Wonderland. Alyssa has definitely made it into my list of top Female Protagonists and Morpheaus has one a spot on my top Male Protagonist list. Alyssa has been such a strong female character and I'll miss reading from her perspective...and Morpheaus.... I'll be sad not hearing about him anymore, but hey! There's an upcoming novella I hear...from a certain A.G. Howard, so I eagerly await it's arrival! So meanwhile, while I rock back and forth in a corner now that I finished all three books, grab yourself a copy of Splintered and read your heart out! And as A.G. Howard said to me over twitter and I'll say to you now, whoever you are face behind the screen, Enjoy the Madness!  

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