Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Girls in Dresses

It's not a big surprise now that when you walk into the bookstore a lot of times you will see bookcovers with beautiful girls in equally beautiful dresses on the front. These girls capture your attention. Who knows maybe it's just the dress that catches your attention.

I found that usually stories, their main characters, are very strong-willed women. They're fighters and they will fight for what they believe in even if that means getting prettied up to do so. Just take these girls for example, these are some of my favorite characters and each one is beautiful and a little hardheaded.

So, these are my top 6 girl in dresses books...or just the ones I had on my shelf! Also, when picking out quotes I picked one that the main protagonist says (I made sure they were either very sweet or very funny haha) but the other quotes are ones that other characters (or they themselves) have said about them. So you get a taste of who these characters are before you read they're stories.
Some of the books in the picture are not featured below but make sure to check them out on Goodreads anyway! The links entitled Goodreads will take you to the Story's Goodreads Page where it gives you more reviews, summary and quotes. Also check my Review Page for reviews on some of these books!

America Singer from THE SELECTION SERIES

Name: America Singer
Quote: “You get confused by crying women, I get confused by walks with princes.”

Quotes About Her: “I should have known that if any girl was going to disobey an order, it would be you.”  

“- Just that. Your family must be very different from mine.
- I’d say so. - I laughed. - For one, no one wears their tiaras to breakfast.
- Maxon smiled. - More of a dinner thing at the Singer house?”
- “Of course.”

“You’re too beautiful for your own good. Once you leave, we’ll have to send some of the guards with you. You’ll never survive on your own, poor thing.”

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Name: Lilac LaRoux

Quote: “I know a thousand different smiles, each with its own nuanced shade of meaning, but I don't know how to reach the few feet away to touch this person next to me. I don't know how to talk to him. Not when it's real.”  

Quotes About Her: “I could tell myself that I’m doing it because she’ll get back to her feet just to spite me—but the truth is, I really just want to piss her off. Keeping her moving is a bonus.”  

“Then she smiles, and it turns out she has dimples, and it's all over.”

“Where will I sit?” Sit? Why, on this comfortable chaise longue I’ve carried here for you in my pocket, Your Highness, so glad you asked. I clamp my mouth shut, struggling not to say it aloud.”  

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Violet Lasting from THE JEWEL

Name: Violet Lasting

Quote: None Available

Quote About Her: None Available

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Gwyneth Shepherd from THE RUBY RED TRILOGY

Name: Gwyneth Shepherd

Quote: “There are no shy women,"announced the count. "The modest way they cast thier eyes down merely is their naivety."
I was fast coming to the conclusion that there was no need to feel afraid of him. He was only a self-satisfied old git who hated women and liked the sound of his own voice.”

Quote About Her: “You were talking to that niche in the wall again, Gwyneth. I saw you."

"Yes, but it's my favorite bit of wall, Gordon. I'd hurt its feelings if I didn't stop and talk to it.”

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Name: Juliet Moreau

Quote: “My heartbeat faltered. He pulled away, taking a little piece of my heart with him.”  

Quote About Her: “Dead flesh and sharpened scalpels didn't bother me. I was my father's daughter, after all. My nightmares were made of darker things.”

“Paranoia had crept into that part of my brain usually reserved for reason.”

“A scream hurled up my throat, but I never heard it. I'd slipped into a welcoming darkness.”

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Name: Kestrel

Quote: “Isn't that what stories do, make real things fake, and fake things real?”

Quote About Her: “You might not think of me as your friend,' Kestrel told Arin, 'but I think of you as mine.”  

“Kestrel's cruel calculation appalled her. This was part of what had made her resist the military: the fact that she could make decisions like this, that she did have a mind for strategy, that people could be so easily become pieces in a game she was determined to win...”  

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