Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Return of YALLFest

Guess what guys! YALLFest returns this November to Charleston SC for another day of amazing panels, signings and pie. More info on this event will be released soon, but I can firmly announce that YALLFest will return November 8th, with it's premiere night November 7th. We don't have firm info on who will be the Keynote author this year but there was a little spoiler...thank you Epic Reads...that James Dashner (Author of the acclaimed Maze Runner series) will be our Keynote Speaker! So excited!

I am so excited for this year's 40 or so authors to be announced; tickets will be sold soon and we'll have a link up when they do. We may even do a giveaway for some Keynote Tickets in the future. To see the website for YALLFest click the link below.

If you live in the Charleston area and would like to volunteer, click the link below. 

*If you would like to be Press at this event, contact info below* 

Jonathan Sanchez, Blue Bicycle Books, (843) 722-2666

*Press for Bloggers* 

Jen Lamoureux, 

Map of YallFest Below


  1. Oh, I hope you all are going and will report back! My coblogger Tonya went last year and had a blast. :) Such great links and emails, too, I'm sure anyone who's interested in attending will find the info very helpful.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. We indeed are going again this year! We are so looking forward to all the fun activities again. We'll probably be doing a giveaway for Keynote Discussion tickets when they are released. We also have a vlogger friend who will most likely do a report on it if he comes with us, so make sure to keep your eyes out. More info is coming soon! :) Hope you can make it too ;)