Monday, April 14, 2014

Demand Our Stars (The Fault in Our Stars Screening/Cast Premiere Contest)

Hey Guys! So as promised I have brought you the top 12 states in the Demand Our Stars race. In the end 10 states will be chosen and will receive an Early Screening, and red carpet premiere of The Fault in Our Stars with the entire cast present. I know if any of you were present at the Divergent Early screenings and Premiere than you know what to expect, lots of cameras, cast signings and pics, and of course, the movie. I actually won Screening tickets to Divergent a few months ago but unfortunately it was all the way in Kansas City Missouri and I was unable to make it. Fortunately though, North Carolina is in the running and is in the top ten!

I really hope NC can stay in the top ten because most everything Movie and Premiere wise is done elsewhere. Sure we had Hunger Games filmed here but did we get a Early Screening and Premiere with the Cast? No. So it is a real prize to have The Fault in Our Stars possibly coming here. I really want to win Screening tickets again for TFIOS that way I can actually go this time but I need your help! Please vote for NC, especially if you live in, near, or just want to help. Demand Our Stars will last until April 25th and the top 12 will be cut to 10. Keep NC in the race to win a screening!
To vote, click the link below and it will take you to where you need to go. Click your state (or NC, the one with the red lighthouse) and reblog it or like it. Follow the instructions and I believe you can vote more than once, so vote vote vote! But Scroll down to see if your state is on the list!

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