Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Ultimate The Fault In Our Stars Party Kit!!!

Hey TFIOS fans! Want to throw a spectacular out of this universe Premiere Party?!? I thought so. I'll supply you with all the ideas for Food, Invitations, Decorations, and Games. So let's get started! Here are some things you'll need!


*These things can be found at Party Stores

  • Blue Table Cloth (Try to find something less navy but more bright).
  • White (or) Yellow Round Plates
  • (If you want to go fancy and have a chandelier above your dining room table) string cut out clouds from you chandelier over the food table.
  • Little Confetti Stars (for sprinkling on the food table)
  • Orange Tulips (Nearest Floral shop or for cheaper options: Check Grocery Stores)
What to do with the Decorations:

Place 3 small vases of Orange Tulips on the table. One in the center and one at the end of the table on either side. Use white plates to hold your sandwiches and other yummy treats. If possible create another area for serving drinks. Scatter a handful of Silver Confetti stars around the table. (If you have a chandelier) Stagger cut-out clouds from wire or string above your food table. Write little quotes from the book on each cloud. Also, add a little tissue box on the table as decoration too.

Food & Drink:

Star Shaped Finger Sandwiches
Apple Cider
The Fault in our Stars Cupcakes

Star Shaped Finger Sandwiches

What you'll need:
  • Knife or a Round Cutter
  • Loaf of White Bread (or whatever you prefer)
  • Thin slices of Ham or Turkey
  • Cheese
  • Cooking Brush


For Cold Sandwiches:
  • Use your Star Shaped cutter (Or Circular)&(If you can't find any of those just simply use a knife) and cut out one shape from each slice of bread. One sandwich will equal 2 slices of bread. After cutting the bread, use your shaped cutter and cut cutouts in the ham or turkey. Lay that on the bottom slice of bread and continue on to cutting cheese. Lay the cheese on and top it with the second slice of bread and you got yourself a sandwich.
For Hot Sandwiches:
  • Do all the steps for cold sandwiches above.
  •  Melt a small amount of butter in a glass dish and use your cooking brush to lightly coat the bread on top and bottom. Place them in a frying pan and fry them up like little grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Fault In Our Stars Cupcakes

Found an amazing recipe for TFIOS cupcakes by Huffington Post! Try em!

 Lemon Champagne Cupcakes based on the book The Fault in Our Stars


Test your The Fault In Our Stars knowledge with a few rounds of TFIOS Trivia!

*Remember you can always add your own questions and answers!

What You Need:

Black and White paper

Instructions: Cut out Clouds from each sheet of paper. Write a question on each of the clouds with the answer below it. Have someone read off the cloud questions and have everyone yelling out the answers as quick as can be. Make the vary in difficulty.


Easy: What color tulips does Gus bring Hazel? Answer: Orange
Medium: What is Issac's Girlfriend's name? Answer: Monica
Hard: In an Imperial Affliction which disease does Anna want to cure? Answer: Cholera

Feel free to use these and also make your own! A good idea is to go on and look up The Fault in our Stars Trivia for Ideas.

Don't forget to print your lovely Invitations and send them out!