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Movie vs. Book DIVERGENT (5 STARS)

March 21st was the release of the Divergent Movie. Now some theatres were playing earlier showings on the 20th already but a good number still went on the 21st. Now if you were like me, you may have dressed up. I dressed up as Abnegation in a long skirt, brown boots, and a long sleeve grey shirt. I was totally pumped with my hidden chocolate bars and overly priced $7 Reusable Divergent cup. I mean, it had Four on it...What was I supposed to do?

Anyway, so I finally get back from the retard who was near refusing to honor my Free Popcorn with Sign up discount and I was like don't mess with me brotha. So the previews are flying by and suddenly I see the trailer for The Giver (Check recent Posts) and I'm like...

And then I see The Maze Runner trailer (Check recent posts) and all that *points up* turns into this...

Seeing the Maze Runner trailer a fifth time is even more incredible because you get to study it! The Grievers look amazingly sc-fi-ish. Minho is EXACTLY the way I imagined him and man Dylan O'Brien.....man o' man. Hehe, he just keeps getting better and better. 
Then The lights go down...and the previews end and then this huge thing comes on the screen

AND WE ALL FREAK OUT! Okay, I was just freaking out grabbing my friend's arm,
cutting off all her circulation. 
This is where the Movie vs. Book will begin. I'll try to give my honest opinion on scenes. 
I'll also try to list the differences. 


I'll try to be vague for those who haven't read the book....better yet, don't read this if you haven't read the book because I tend to have difficulties being vague when discussing bookish things. But I do believe the movie is still amazing with all the differences. Four is a serious hunk...just a saying. Everytime I saw him I just kept thinking...England...i will find a Theo James in England. 

  1. They skip some of the scenes during Tris's aptitude test. The only scene they show is the one with the dog and little girl. 
  2. The Factionless man who steals Tris's carrots on the way home from school, he does not appear. 
  3. Tris and Caleb do have the discussion about their aptitude tests but not technically where it's supposed to be. 
  4. I could be wrong...but I don't remember Tris seeing Peter bullying other Abnegation kids before the ceremony. 
  5. Since when was Four so humorous? I only remember he being funny once or twice in Divergent but a lot more in Insurgent. He had the entire theatre gagging on spit. 
  6. Tris does not hang over the edge with Christina. 
  7. They screw around a lot with both Tris and Four's fears. 
  8. Edward does NOT get stabbed in the eye. 
  9. Peter does not violate Tris in any way (Attack/ with Molly and Drew)
  10. Peter is not like Peter in the book. He's too soft. 
  11. Uriah and Zeke were not present, neither was Drew.
  12. Four does not get drunk by the chasm and tells Tris 'she looks good'. 
  13. Four does not turn off the simulation, Jeanine does. 
  14. Jeanine and other Erudite are in the room with Four while he is under the Simulation and Tris makes Jeanine erase the file, which leads into Tris not having to protect the chip which leads into events in Insurgent. 
  15. There is not parent day. They replaced that scene with Tris being pulled aside by her mother during the distribution of food or supplies to all the factions. 
  16. Jeanine did not visit Dauntless and see Tris's tattoos. 
  17. Four does not call out Peter on trying to kil Tris
  18. Eric doesn't bring Tris in from when she visited Caleb
  19. Jeanine didn't ever see Tris's fears
I know I'm probably missing a few other things, if you have anything to add please leave a comment below. 


I'll try to give just the basics since there are still a lot of similarities. Divergent is a long, intricate novel, with a lot of detail and scenes. It can't all be fit into a movie, but here is what was left alone. 

  1. Tory administered the Aptitude test
  2. Tris is the first jumper and Four does pull her out. 
  3. Four does walk away during the fights
  4. Christina does have to hang off the edge
  5. Christina does discuss moths
  6. Tris visits Caleb
  7. Tris does get attacked by Peter and Al
  8. Al does jump
  9. Natalie and Andrew and Will do die.
  10. Four and Tris do climb the ferris wheel
  11. Tris's fears are for the most part the same
  12. Four does administer the other tests
  13. Tris does get clipped by the knife when Four throws knives at her instead of Will
The movie was AMAZING and I loved it! Please still go see it. It's PERFECT! I can't wait for Insurgent which has been green lighted for production!

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