Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Fault in our Stars Movie Review and TFIOS Premiere Party

June 6th was probably one of the best nights i've had in a long time. First, after lots of vaccuming and dusting, i slapped down a blue table cloth, bought some fake orange tulips, and bought lots of chocolate and had myself a very grand The Fault in our Stars premiere party! Sent out some cute little invites, (Find them Here), invited a bunch of friends (Can't help you with that one) and ordered pizza (Here). Here's some pics of how my party was set up, go and check out how to throw one yourself (Here).

But after you read the movie review check out the party pics below.
Now for the movie. It was absolutely the best movie I have so far ever seen in all my life. All the scenes were just like the book I could have cried, which I did. Shailene and Ansel played Augustus and Hazel so well it was incredible. I think the scene that broke my heart the most was when Gus wanted to buy cigarettes at 2 am and Hazel had to come get him. Also all the scenes after that when they go on another picnic and Hazel has to help Gus out of the wheelchair and he looks absolutely miserable. The funniest parts though was the egging of the car- despite the gaffe in that scene. If you haven't seen it already look closely. You can see a rubber egg bouncing away when they are trying to hide the egg carton from Monica's mom. It's hilarious. Also, the pre-funeral. It was word-for-word what was in the book. Perfect! Though John's cameo went missing we will thankfully be able to see the genius behind this heartbreaker in deleted scenes when The Fault in our Stars releases to DVD!
This was a small but accurate review and besides, I don't want to spoil to much.

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  1. I vouch safely that if you love a bit of philosophy, if you admire the skill of writing a story by maintaining the flow of it, if you know the importance of humour, if you can forgive cliches, if you can patiently tolerate the writer's attempt at saying there might be good guys after all and some bad girls as well, then you stand a good chance of loving this one.